Thursday, May 17, 2018

Words have power

With group of my friends, I discussed your DNA cause lung cancer not smoking,  the amount of people dies from diabetes is 3 times more then lung cancer (SMOKING).
This was made up sentence but .
The result? Four of them believed what I said.
Two of them start smoking.
Words, when said and articulated in the right way, can change someone's mind.
You have the power to bring somone from slumps of life and make a successful person out of them or or destroy someone's happiness using only your words.
Does that seem a bit too good to be true?
A simple choice of words can make a difference someone accepting or denying your message.
If a very serious issues get explain by an ordinary person no one will admire him and the message never get across.
But most importantly, if you are a role model who's being admire, anything you say could be believed,
My friend Ali, he loved his father, idealize his father.
But his father is kind of person who is easy to impress.
First year in university Ali got high marks and top in all university with A+ marks,
And he thought this the thing which will make my father proud of me,
He called his father and told him I pass with A+ marks .
Are you proud? Please tell me you're proud father.
his father said " hey listen  son I have to call you back I 'm busy"
"I m busy" was single sentence that broke camel 's back.
He start drinking, drug and hanging out with wrong crowd.
"Ali why"
He said "if the one person in the world that I care about the most, doesn't care then why should I do, after using drugs one day he died.
It is clear that a single word or sentence could have saved Ali.
Words have power, you can change a life, inspire people and make this world beautiful place or you can kill people your mouth can spit venom or mend a broken soul.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Beautiful view

Today i was walking around the lake to find a place, and to observe some thoughts from silent nature, each drop of rain that touch the sea.
With lots of questions i close my eyes took a deep breath and i see the sky under my feet in the water reflected.
after looking for long  in water i realized that why we are trying to find beauty in everything somtimes our veiws makes it beautiful.
 The real beauty is inside of all but instead of expressing we act like slave of society,
Sometimes hard to understand our souls language and suddenly we start thinking about other view how the will react, which make us same like them
be original, don't waste your time to be perfect because being perfect is impossible
the more you try the more society expect.

Think big but try to live in small moments this small moments makes life full of beautiful memories,
Don't ever wait for big things to show Up your celebrations.
there is no tomorrow,
So live your life today with love and humble.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Positive Vs Negative

Once a joker said a joke to his audience for the first time and everyone laughed so loud,
He said the same joke for second time less of audience laughed and when he said the same joke for third time nobody laugh at all.
The he said a pleasant thing,
If you can't get happy over and over with one same happiness, then why you cry over and over one pain?

When ever you get sad  it means you accepted a lie as truth.
What is difference between pain and sadness?
Pain mean physical pain which exists but shall I get sad because of that pain or not this is on my hand.
Sadness is untouchable but our mind tell us to feel bad about something which has happened,
My boyfriend has left me so I 'm sad  so is it worth being sad just because of somone 's action.
It was a lie that I accept as truth and living in that and punishing my mind is not worthy.

So if you're positive understand the reason of having and losing of somone and if you're negative you hold yourself in that moment which killing your mind.


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Maintain balance

One morning papa came, woke me up and said "Yahya"
"I m going to teach you how to ride a cycle today"
The moment I stepped out a brand new cycle waited me, when I saw it and my inocent mind stared jumping up and down,
But as I noticed the absence of training wheels my excitement came to a standstill so on the small seat of that small cycle I placed my small bum push down on the peddles the wheels started turning and staggering and my cycle move forward which me very happy joyful, I wanted to turn and tell my papa " look Dad, I've learnt how to cycle "
But dad was standing far behind and seeing him far away, scared me
The fear made me cycle swerve and stagger again
And for the first time, I fell down
And my bum which was earlier well placed on seat was now flat on group my dad came running Gave me a smile, picked me up and took me back home,
So next day I decide today I will get over this fear so I started riding my cycle at a great speed
My dad kept screaming from behind " son you're going so fast  slow down "
"Look, there is a pothole a head of you ....... You will crash into somone..."
But all of my dad 's advice had somehow vanished in the face of my speed, the still wind, has suddenly started kissing me and I had started to fall in love with this wind speed but then all of sudden my feet slipped from pedal, cycle slipped and I came crashing into the ground and for the first time, I cried and my knees bled but what was really injured me was my pride
Dad came running towards me he picked me up, without smiling this time
He took me home and said
"Don't ride the cycle tomorrow." But now I wanted to ride the cycle
The next morning I got up before the sun took my cycle off stand and rode for miles
Took a turn and came back home without falling,
This morning I was the one who woke up dad  narrated the story with lots of happiness and in end I said"look dad, I learnt cycling "
Dad smiled and said " son you're not only learnt cycling, but you've also learn how to walk on the road of life "
He told me how the handle was our focus
The padal is our hard work
And moving cycle was our success
Which was moving on the road called life
He made me understand that many times, I'll fall because of the speed of my pride and the padal of relationships but I have to get up and make the cycle stand again and continue my journey until death comes on my way...........
Life demands moving and you will go far in your life..

Saturday, April 21, 2018


feeling sad and down can be extremely tough, but it is natural for humans.
So what isn't natural?
Answer: staying in that state for long time.
So here are 3 ways to bring you back to happiness.
GRATITUDE: No matter what the situation, but there is always a reason to be greatful, even in worse time when we have a huge lose in our lives, all we need to remember that is could have been worse then this and also we need to think of the many blessings that we still have in our lives. Being greatful will take the sadness away from the sadness of what happen to the happiness of what we still have.
GIVING: It has been scientifically proven that giving to others makes us feel good and alive. It doesn't mean that is should be something big gift or big money, it can be something small and easy like kind behavior, sincere smile, nice compliment or being kind.
Giving removes the sadness that we have to the intention of making others happy, which in return makes us happy.

Express your love, seek forgiveness, beings kind, donate smile, be helpfull, share the happiness and divided others sadness.

😊😊😊😊😊 inspired

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Today 's life

Life have many stages, In every stage we learn something, wish something, love, lose something but still we won't realize the more we gain more we find ourself lost in it, then we will lose interest in facts of life.
If we look back we can see changes in our characters, strength, feelings, relationships and knowledge.
Knowledge that never inspired someone, character that nerver exposed to someone, strength which was surrounded by fears, feeling which was not expressed, relationships which never get placed in memories, and this can't be called beautiful life.

These days we can see things are getting expensive such us houses, cars, trips, brands, over all our need, but in other hand things getting cheaper such us humanity, respect, love, honor and the very cheapest  is human being 's life. And the worst thing is that we all know about this bitter facts, we can't  change these unless we don't kill our greed, ego.
Greed can't be only for money, every one of us have our own so find it.
We are running so fast in a race that we left behind our everything, everyone and at end of this race the death will be winer not we so why we should not make it a morning walk and live every single moment with peace and love and full of memories?

Personally i learn a basic thing from my school 's first day.
The more i ask myself the more it open my mind with a bright picture of life, then i can decide better for me and all beautifull souls because no soul born with negative mind it 's so called us who became the reason.

One last thing in this world we can find many different kind of animals and the strangest of all is called human.
Because once a dog said "A good quality of humans is speaking/ talking / language with used of this they can tell their thoughts, messages, feelings about their thinkings and make each-other understand but apart from all these their is lots of misunderstanding in them".

Life have small moments join them spread them and make them beautiful life full of good people and memories.πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Write water in water with water.
Feel this sentence deepness. This is the answer of question which was ask from a spiritual soul by fearful soul and the answer amazed him maybe he found solution for his situation  in this sentence. I mean why we are lost in a situation that could clear the puzzles that we need to face on next stage of dark room of our life. 
Human being 's so common statution which is create too many mess.
ability to know about future and we lost the best moments of precent that already became past and unlimite wish to change that past moment that was present in which we could't focus because we were so busy planing about future and all of these did'd end up in healthy points.
We don't accept the truth of our mistake because we became so busy in judging, laughing, crying reacting on somone 's life to make them feel weak.
To get out of these try to cry so loud that your soul get free from the fake pain which hurt your ego.
As long as we don't limit our dreams, expectation and fear, we can't set to fly in sky to reach the peak of satisfaction, i won't advice to kill but try to limit the hight of dreams, expectation and fear other wise it can kill the strongest  part of your confident.