Saturday, December 9, 2017

Today 's life

Life have many stages, In every stage we learn something, wish something, love, lose something but still we won't realize the more we gain more we find ourself lost in it, then we will lose interest in facts of life.
If we look back we can see changes in our characters, strength, feelings, relationships and knowledge.
Knowledge that never inspired someone, character that nerver exposed to someone, strength which was surrounded by fears, feeling which was not expressed, relationships which never get placed in memories, and this can't be called beautiful life.

These days we can see things are getting expensive such us houses, cars, trips, brands, over all our need, but in other hand things getting cheaper such us humanity, respect, love, honor and the very cheapest  is human being 's life. And the worst thing is that we all know about this bitter facts, we can't  change these unless we don't kill our greed, ego.
Greed can't be only for money, every one of us have our own so find it.
We are running so fast in a race that we left behind our everything, everyone and at end of this race the death will be winer not we so why we should not make it a morning walk and live every single moment with peace and love and full of memories?

Personally i learn a basic thing from my school 's first day.
The more i ask myself the more it open my mind with a bright picture of life, then i can decide better for me and all beautifull souls because no soul born with negative mind it 's so called us who became the reason.

One last thing in this world we can find many different kind of animals and the strangest of all is called human.
Because once a dog said "A good quality of humans is speaking/ talking / language with used of this they can tell their thoughts, messages, feelings about their thinkings and make each-other understand but apart from all these their is lots of misunderstanding in them".

Life have small moments join them spread them and make them beautiful life full of good people and memories.💐💐💐💐💐

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Write water in water with water.
Feel this sentence deepness. This is the answer of question which was ask from a spiritual soul by fearful soul and the answer amazed him maybe he found solution for his situation  in this sentence. I mean why we are lost in a situation that could clear the puzzles that we need to face on next stage of dark room of our life. 
Human being 's so common statution which is create too many mess.
ability to know about future and we lost the best moments of precent that already became past and unlimite wish to change that past moment that was present in which we could't focus because we were so busy planing about future and all of these did'd end up in healthy points.
We don't accept the truth of our mistake because we became so busy in judging, laughing, crying reacting on somone 's life to make them feel weak.
To get out of these try to cry so loud that your soul get free from the fake pain which hurt your ego.
As long as we don't limit our dreams, expectation and fear, we can't set to fly in sky to reach the peak of satisfaction, i won't advice to kill but try to limit the hight of dreams, expectation and fear other wise it can kill the strongest  part of your confident.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Climate change

Climate change these days a big issue in which everyone is involved as per as i know it sounds very sensitive issuse, but thier might be some people who don't even heard this word and i 'm one of those who did't knew .i Was not aware of it, specially in country like afghanistan anc city like kabul in which 4.3 million people live it sounds horrible. But thanks to Vikes training  who arrange a workshop for journalists in which i had gain lots of new things and climate change was one of them while eveyone was talking about it i was like what are the talking about?  Then as usal i google then i find lots of results in one of them it was mentioned climate change causes prostitution ? And i was like this is looks interesting then i start reading it. In this artical the strarted with climate change and end up to Prostitution that how the farmers couldn't get any output from their agriculture  and in other hand the need to feed their Families and from here the womens of the families end up to prostitution.
After that i start learnng more and some how try to find out some more stories from afghanistan i was sure that i might find lots of stories that effect people life using same topic (climate change).
And also i found out why i was not aware of these topic. Because in Afghanistan we have lots of other issues that climate change did't came out so good or mayby their might be some people who really spreading stories using  climate change.

In conclusion what i learn that keeping the envoirment  clean is all we should do to avoid the problems that climate change will cause.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Now days the world is full of hate and everyone is fighting for his needs which could be  worth less.
what is my need ?
My need is nothing but a lot that I 'm not Sure do I deserve it or not ? So why I waste for néed that can't change my view or can't make me feel free of my wishes cage.
So what is your need ?
Your need is something which is already someone's old,
Then what is his need? His need is to make you addictive to seek his needs.
 For what we are running so fast that couldn't notice what we are losing in search of our useless needs.
You lose feeling free, feeling flying, feeling of being alive.
You can value Your powers only if you use it.only if you compare in good deeds. Once I red that every human being is here for a duty and that could be a big SMILE TO OTHER , thier is lots of sorrows around so please start donating  or spreading  smiles & happiness.
The things which is happening around us is hard to understand and hard to face and to fight so don't let it to kill beautiful souls.

Maybe the smile that you are  hiding is someone 's need  Give them your old it could be thier new 😊😊😊😊😊
Note: All we need is love all we need is smile.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Yesterday

what is difference between sleeping and death?
A beautiful answer:
sleeping is half break of life and died is full break of life.

I thought to make a small  shack but sometimes needs of life make us  emigrant.

Life goes by his own rules. it is the dead soul who need shoulders.
life starts with morning and ends with dark night, life finishes just this way
some of us cries to get satisfy ourself and some of us smile to hide the pain.

you can not buy happiness and their is no buyer of your  loneliness.
i always wear expensive watches but  time never follow my orders.
one  small mistake i put watch in my hand now the time is following me and reminding me that i don't have much time.

life has become like bus conductor.
we are traveling  everyday but we don't have any destination.

very common questions,when someone ask you. how are you?
you say i am fine.
This is the truth, life teaches us acting, and we have to act, if you live life with rules.
now world 's scientist are trying to find out how can we find way to life in moon.
but we forgot to find how to find happiness  in life.

we are not in contact with our old friends so why we are looking for new friends???

Noting has been changed it our though who wants to jump higher then our hight in search of future, so if  we don't want to  lose our today , be free to express your love to life.

Inspired from My yesterday :) :)

Saturday, December 31, 2016


The race is almost to be over, It's 11:30 pm 2016 and in 30 Minutes  the year 2017 will be enter amd I want to record this moment uand till that moment everyone is hoping and wishing each other to have a nice and full of happiness and a tons of new experience but what I really think at the moment is celebration of new year I can't understand the logic, Is it those who had a good days in 2016 or  those who were wishing that we passed hards days? But all  these categories have their own way to celebrate.

The answer their are three categories.
First category: Brave once ,,,,2016 surprised do them, more then what the expecting , able to be find among people who have faith in tomorrow.
Second category: confused once,,,2016 not surprised them at all I mean till now the did't decided what to do this year (2016) and it will be continues ... And Can't find in earth the created thier own world.
Third category: open but afraid once,,,, Want to surprise 2016 but get fail and the see 2017 like this ,Never ready for next task, wishes are Increasing , Love for unknown spiritual souls,unexpected lust for live and the Can't be find in crowd .

Just a common point of view and I wish this year brings love, joy, happiness, for all those who are reading or not reading this...🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Monday, November 28, 2016

Life is beautiful

what is life and how we can see it ?
In my perspective life was a box And I was inside of that box with dark sheds I only suppose to feel lines of boundaries, Didn't had any idea why I put a free soul in cage? All these and other questions have many answers but in my case I was afraid to live life, I used to see my self from different eyes and Also didn't had any idea how I can life it?

So I thought let's try to ask the life how he can define him to us.

I had lots of why ???? questions.
 This is what life told me

Hi, I am LIFE.......
Well!!! Different kind of people add different things with me such us Hard Life, Complicated life, clod life, painful life, poor life, Rich life and many more ,, so let me tell you all I have only one Name Beautiful Life.
Eveything in this life it's beautiful but only beautiful eyes can feel and beautiful souls can see. Let me explain, when you pray, when you cry, when you kiss you close your eyes because beautiful things can't be seen. let's try this go out in rain close your eyes forget all problems and feel each drop of rain then a really amazing feeling comes out and most people call it beautiful life.
Time to make your mind beautiful I am sure then you will see me beautiful.
Life says: I will fail to be perfect but I never get fail to be beautiful 🌻🌻🌻

Asad Ghouse